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Access to Helathy Food / Acceso a Alimentos Salludables

With many Austin ISD students living in food insecure households, access to healthy food may be challenging when the district is closed.


Hope you enjoy some time with your families and friends over the break, and, as always we hope to see our students returned refreshed, refocused, and ready to finish the rest of their school year o

¡Participación en las ganancias de Cabo Bob!

¡Participación en las ganancias de Cabo Bob! Preséntelo al cajero y Cabo Bob's donará el 34% de su compra total a la PTA de Padrón Elementary.

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Today, I commit to my education. I do so realizing that a lot is expected of me. I do so knowing that I will have to study and work hard. I do so wanting to avoid anyone and anything that will tempt me not to succeed. I do so in respect and honor of the History Makers who have paved a way for me.

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