Jaime D. Padron Elementary

Our Programs

Creative Learning Initiative

The Creative Learning Initiative seeks to provide a quality, arts-rich education for every student at Padron. The initiative is a collaborative effort among Austin ISD, MINDPOP, the city of Austin and community arts partners. CLI provides a specialized curriculum and professional development for educators with the goal of ensuring that students receive the benefits of creative learning across core curriculum subjects and in fine arts instruction.

Dual Language

Dual language helps students excel academically while becoming bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. The program is committed to educating students in a multicultural learning environment and encouraging learners to celebrate diversity and become responsible citizens of the world. Dual-language students participate in a rigorous academic program that follows the AISD academic standards and curriculum.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically.